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Publication date: Collection series published 2023

Type: eBook (ePub)

Genre: Crime thriller, Geopolitical thriller, action thriller

Language: English

Print length: 814 pages

Includes: Books 1-III of the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels

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Intrusion, the first book in the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels.

In this high-speed thriller, Keeno McCole, head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ATU (Anti-Terrorism-Unit) and his team, go up against a brutal domestic terror operation which unleashes repeated viral attacks, edging Canada toward economic collapse, all with another agenda in mind, the ultimate threat to freedom and democracy.


Quantum Assault is the second book in the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels. 
A terrified young girl is found roaming the woods of rural Ontario, Canada. Keeno McCole and his crime-fighting team are called into play and soon discover she escaped a camp, where kidnapped girls from around the world are being experimented on and then sold into sexual slavery through the human trafficking pipeline. Keeno and his team tumble into an even deeper hole as they discover that the trafficking is just the tip of the iceberg.


The One is the third book in the Keeno Crime Thriller Novels.
The body of a young woman washes up in the locks above Lake Superior, Canada. When it is discovered that she is the niece of the Canadian Prime Minister, the murder is suspected to be part of a larger plot. Keeno McCole and his Anti-Terrorism-Unit, are called into play. The investigation sends them on a trail that leads to a fanatical and bizarre cult leader and their greatest challenge yet.




"I LOVE Keeno! I am impressed with the high quality of this novel, 'cause it has EVERYTHING I look for when I pick up a book to read. It made me angry, it made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me chew away ALL of my fingernails, but it mainly made me cheer for Keeno and gave me wonderful hope for Human Kind, despite the outrageously bizarre and deadly menaces Keeno dares to fight. Intrusion throws a new light and twist to the traditional thriller, making the reading DELICIOUS. I devoured it in one chomp because I was simply unable to put it down, (which I only did when the Sons and Hubby DEMANDED to get fed!!).It absolutely kept me at the edge of my seat throughout!!One piece of friendly advice: Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT start reading it unless you are starting your weekend (and don't have to go to work in a few hours), otherwise you will suffer. TRUST ME!!" - Ana Danel


"I've read other of LaPlaines books and have adored each one for different reasons. He has this way of taking on the persona of his characters, particularly the main one, and writing with the voice of his creation!
This is first of the Keeno series i read and sure do wish he was mine. yes. MINE. Or at least a good friend? 'Living on borrowed time' describes him well as he puts his life on the line for what he finds right and wrong, and uppermost- his friends. He is a member of the Canadian Mounted police and his specialty is anti-terrorism. The clock is always ticking for him and his partner Jake.
Calling this book a page-turner does not do it justice. The author takes what WE would all think is impossible and makes it not only possible....but probable.
" the tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside ourselves while we live."

- Jorge Hernandez

Keeno Crime Thriller Novels (Books 1-III Collection series)

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  • Réal Laplaine is a multi-genre author with fourteen published novels. His latest book, The 9th Divinity, is dedicated to the brave people of Ukraine and he is donating 50% of sales proceeds to Save the Children to help families in Ukraine. He is an activist for human rights, speaks against human trafficking, is a member of the United Nations, and actively campaigns to abolish nuclear weapons both through his books, as well as two initiatives he launched, B.A.N. or Ban All Nukes and M.A.N. or MCs Against Nukes. 

    Find out more about these initiatives at: B.A.N. or Ban All Nukes and M.A.N. or MCs Against Nukes

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