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Publication date: 2012

Type: eBook

Genre: Contemporary fiction

Language: English

Print length: 96 pages


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Eight-year-old, Hann'Sha, an innocent, bright-eyed girl full of hope and life, living in a small hut with her family in Calcutta, India, is suddenly sold into sexual slavery by a father so desperate to feed his family that he offers his daughter to human traffickers. For several years she is forced to live a nightmarish life of sexual servitude to men many times her age. One day, an American tourist visiting Calcutta, discovers Hann’Sha, and learns that she is but one of thousands held captive by a criminal underground. Against all odds, corrupt police who turn an eye, lethal traffickers, and Hann’Sha’s terror of her keepers, he fights to free her - but can he beat "the system" or is he fighting a losing battle? This is a story about one man’s courage and a young girl’s undying hope, a story inspired by an actual six-year-old girl in Calcutta, and is entirely based on facts of what really happens to young children, like Hann'Sha. It is a literary fiction intended to shed light on human trafficking, modern day slavery that exists everywhere and is considered one of the most profitable illicit industries of our “civilized world”.

"Written in elegant prose, it is not only about the ills of humanity, but also about hope and optimism...Overall, it is a good thriller..." Alex Markman, Author

“The only book that gripped my attention in years, thank you for sharing.”

“We (my company) are too sponsoring Christel House which is a World Wide organization for orphans to get schooling and high level education so they don’t end up on the street or being trafficked. I did this inspired by your book, so thank you for that and keep up the good work of getting word around.”

See Me Not: Hope never dies (eBook)

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