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Publication date: 2022
Type: eBook
Genre: Inspiring, short story
Print length:  11 pages
Language: English


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Writers Inspiring Change



For 24 years now, Frankie, an elderly man and janitor at a local school, has been penning a story about his father on his dad's old Remington typewriter. Frankie lives an austere life, with barely enough money to pay for some food and his rent. Beyond that, every night, he returns home to a small apartment, where he sits in front of the Remington and types a few more words. In the end, when the story is finished, he places a classified ad in the newspaper his father once worked for, and hopes that someone will respond and be interested in his book. The story that ensues is both touching and inspiring - reminding us all that even the most forgotten of people can leave a mark that echoes down the halls of time.

Leaves in the Wind (short story)

MVA Inkludert
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