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Publication date: 2018

Type: eBook

Genre: Speculative fiction, thriller, teen & young adult

Language: English

Print length: 250 pages


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Kaetlyn O'Sullivan, a young Irish woman living on the south-west coast of Ireland, is haunted by nightly visions. She soon discovers the truth about her strange "dreams". A revelation that casts her into the global spotlight, and a bizarre thriller, one that will make you believe that past lives is a fact, not fiction.


The Other is followed by its sequel: L.I.N. - More human than Ai

"What an extraordinary book! It blends my favorite concepts such as history, psychology, past life, and spirituality, plus loads of twists and turns that made me unable to put it down until finished. I felt as if I was reading the script of a future motion picture, one of the magnitude of movies such as "Interstellar" or "First Contact"."
A.G Mogan, author of Love Affairs

"An instant page turner..."
Marina Osipova, author of The Cruel Romance

The Other is an amazing and exciting story!
I refuse to ruin anyone else's appreciation of this terrific story by telling too much. Instead, I will limit myself to sharing my thrills and love of the story, the realistic characters, and the excitement knowing the story isn't over."

“This book was incredible.”
Elaine M.

"An instant page turner..."
Marina Osipova, author of The Cruel Romance

"Réal Laplaine has written a true masterpiece that is hard to put aside, even when you HAVE to sleep. The story unfolds in separate, but entangled lines of events. Real has mastered tempo and “shifting” of the entangled stories so that you as the reader are hooked to the story, as if you were there. I highly recommend the book for everyone of a broad mind that likes the unknown, intermingled with geopolitics, past-life and with a touch of an alien interception with a positive and do-good agenda. Cannot wait until the follow-up is here!"
Johnny A.

The Other: Her past life won't let go (eBook)

MVA Inkludert
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