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Is there an alternative to war?

To even pose such a question in the face of a global military industrial complex today, one where war is an industry of profit more than anything else, is to be challenged. Nevertheless, the majority of the world's population prefers peace over the constant conflicts and wars, particularly those started by dictators such as Vladimir Putin.

The question is, can we avoid war, or at the very least, can we stem it before it becomes a global issue that affects millions, destroys cities and forces millions to flee such as we see in Ukraine today.

The answer is YES.

The real question is WHY ISN'T IT BEING DONE?

In earlier decades, war was a matter of numbers, throwing men and women into the battlefield and with enough spilled blood, someone eventually won.

Today it's about technology, or at least, it should be.

We see it in the Ukraine today, with drones being used by both sides, where Ukraine is using them to take out tanks and the Russians are using them to assault civilian targets. But that is just one tiny aspect of drone technology. Drones exist today which are smaller than a plum, and with the advanced Ai technology built into them, they are capable of infiltrating most security nets, and providing not only reconnaissance about an enemy, but in fact, capable of delivering a weapon to a specific target or location.

Given that fact, it becomes both a question of morality and humanity. Should a simple drone, no larger than a plum, be used to penetrate the Kremlin and eliminate the dictator who is destroying an entire nation? Or is it better to continue a protracted war, where thousands are dying every month, where cities are being eviscerated, while the military industrial complex in many nations, largely private contractors, are making billions of dollars in profit feeding that war machine?

One man or millions? It is a question of the greater good.

If we had this technology in World War II, would there have been any doubt or question about the morality of using it to eliminate one man, Hitler, and stop a global war? I don't think so.

So, once again, the question becomes, why are the massive military establishments around the globe, and the governments who control them, not using the technology to stop Putin in his tracks? Moreover, why are they continuing to let young men and women die in the battle fields when the war could be ended in one day?

The answer to that question is not difficult. It's not based on principles. Its founded on the matter of profits. If you can stop the dictators who start wars, then you don't need massive military complexes, you don't need the machinery of war, and private contractors then lose MASSIVE profits. It's not conspiracy, its about the dollars and cents - pure math.

About the book:

As two dictators, with over 7000 nuclear weapons between them, enough to turn our world into a smoldering heap, continue to threaten global peace, democracy and stability, a mystery group in Canada calling themselves the 9th Divinity, penetrates the Kremlin and issues a public mandate directly to Vladimir Putin - cease your invasion of Ukraine and dismantle Russia's nuclear arsenal, or face the worst. They go on to sabotage North Korean nuclear silos - sending its dictator, Kim Jong-un, into a spiraling rage. As the crisis mounts, Canada's top anti-terrorism team is called into action, but can they stop the 9th Divinity? And with world powers already failing to bring a halt to the Russian and North Korean threat, should they? A twisted, contemporary geopolitical and crime thriller that will haunt you.


"If you want to explore the very real struggles facing the world today through an exciting, well-written political thriller then The 9th Divinity is the book to choose. It’s a compelling concept and a story that might well haunt your thoughts for a long time to come."

- Mr. D.J. Luddington

"In his latest crime thriller, Real takes the reader across continents fighting the big players in nuclear warfare. Readers get a picture of the devastations in Ukraine that shook the world as well as a glimpse into a nuclear disaster that very well could happen. The sociological insights into the minds of sociopathic leaders and how it leads to mass compliance in their citizens is impressively weaved into the story. With compelling storytelling skills, Real makes us question our shared responsibility in the disasters of the millennium."

- Dr. Anuradha Prathap (PhD)

"Mr. Laplaine is at it again! Keeno the Canadian superhero, goes international as he joins a brilliant accomplice taking on the two world's biggest sociopaths; Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin, and on the brink of World War Three all is made right again except for one terrible disaster. Through the dialogues written, he dares us to listen to his political view about the attitudes of not only the bad guys but also the nonchalant public who allow these types to influence us and rise up to such power for their own benefit. As a read I found it riveting and everyone should read it."

- Joseph. B

Very much enjoying this new delivery in this series. Current international events, high tension and an insightful view of the madness that our planet is experiencing. Laplaine keeps getting better and better, it is hard to put down. Highly recommended.

- Andrea S.

Opening The 9th Divinity is thought-changing and mindset-shifting. It's takes you to a different level though. It's emotionally rich, raw and so real as the characters dive deeper into the sad state of our world. As I read, and I do love a thrilling, suspenseful novel, I keep finding moments and details I can understand, as we are living it today... Hopefully we can learn from some of the paths this book travels and that war is not the answer.

- April B.

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