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Publication date: December 30, 2013
Type: eBook
Language: English
Genre: Women's fiction, Teen & Young Adult
Print length: 196 pages


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What if Hollywood's iconic blonde, Marilyn, by some cosmic twist of fate, came back from the grave 50 years after her death, just as whole and beautiful as that fateful day in 1962? What would she tell the world about what really happened the night of her "suicide". In this quasi-romantic-thriller - you get to see the world through Marilyn's eyes, and decide what is true or not true.

"I loved the premise of this book, I found the pace good, I liked the story. I think my only drawback would be for a bit more detail, but overall, I really enjoyed the story and the possibility of "WHAT IF". No one really knows what did happen, I liked how the author gave some plausible possibilities, that could be true of what happened to her." Francis L.

“Finally, a book that gives a different look at Marilyn, and a happy ending that she rightly deserves!!!!!! The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was the science part of the book, it drugged on a little too long. But in all a Great Book!!!! Marilyn fans if only this was true.” DJ

READER RADAR ALERT! Real Laplaine is THE most unique author I've ever read and thoroughly enjoyed.....a true wizard of words! In his subtle way he opens your mind and gives the reader an alternative way to see things. Yankeelin

With just the perfect amount of technical and scientific information you dive into a compelling story of what ifs. Funny, with drama and a touch of a love story this book had it all. Thank you Réal for this wonderful opportunity to see life from beyond the grave. April B.

Dead but not Gone: Hollywood's iconic blonde comes back from the grave (eBook)

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