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Publication date: January 24, 2022

Type: eBook

Language: English

Genre: Speculative fiction, Thriller

Print length: 385 pages


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When Quantum Propulsion is finally cracked, making faster-than-light space travel possible, it gives NASA and the European Space Agency the opportunity to launch the Evolution and its crew, on a 29 year mission to reach and colonize an exoplanet light years from our own, in the hopes of making a new home for humanity before nuclear war eviscerates Earth. Jim Tale, captain of the mission, an unorthodox astronaut and intrepid to a fault, must overcome seemingly impossible challenges to accomplish his mission; a man who is also intent on finding the truth about our existentiality: was it God, the Big Bang, or something else that made it all - and he's willing to go to the edge of the Universe to find that truth.


"A fast-paced science-fiction novel that intertwines elements of suspense, romance, while tackling some of life's biggest questions…”

- Red City Review


A multifaceted book about colonization, first contact, existentialism and the Earths spiraling descent into disarray. Not biased towards any one country, the author is more general in Earths slow march towards nuclear annihilation. While the book stand on it's own it is the first part as the author reveals in the end. I read this not only because of the type of book but because of the one negative review that seemed so narrow minded. It's hard to fault this book in any way. Normally I would give this a 4.5 if I could but to cancel out that one narrow minded review I thought I would stretch to a 5.

- Crash


Of you like Science Fiction surrounded by fantasy, this book is for you, if you like fantasy shot through with science fiction then this is the book for you, you are going down a corridor you are confident that you know just where this author is taking you and the direction that you were expecting does not exist, you are backtracking or going the opposite direction, it is like this most of the way through it {the book} I loved it you will also {most likely} I liked it so much that i am anxiously waiting the sequel, hope you do to! 

- D.M.


If the author 's name is "Real", then I am missing part of the quality of this author. The depth of his mind builds as he constructs the story. His creation of the final chapters and in depth philosophical presentation are impossible to describe, only reading it is meaningful. My words sounds like some type of hippie, but it is impossible to describe. I have read thousands of books and never taken to writing as I done hear. Can't wait for sequel. 

- Kindle Customer

“… a fast-paced odyssey beyond the very edge of the universe and into the void in this gripping, surprising, and very thoughtful science fiction novel.”

- Charles Freedom Long - author of Witches' Gambit

“It is a wonderful piece of speculative fiction, clearly inspired by the grand masters of the genre, Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein..." "…this is dystopian sci-f at its best. Highly recommended.”

Earth Escape: The ultimate space odyssey

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