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Publication date: February 2, 2022

Type: eBook

Genre: Speculative fiction, teen & young adult

Language: English

Print length: 332 pages


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L.I.N. - More human than Ai

L.I.N. an acronym for Living Intelligent Network, is the sequel to the book - The Other.


Kaetlyn O'Sullivan wakes up from a coma after having been shot in the head by a religious fanatic. Her "dreams", which in fact are visions of her past life, cast her back on a mission to save Earth from an extinction event at the hands of global warming; the only problem is that other global powers have another agenda for her and it isn't saving the world.


"The sequel to The Other, L.I.N. (acronym for Live-Intelligent-Network) is as grabbing and highly suspenseful as its predecessor in the series. The engaging narrative and non-stop action held my interest from start to finish." M. Osipova, author

"I was enthralled reading the prequel and bit my nails until this follow-up was released." A. Mogan, author of The Secret Journals of Adolf Hitler

L.I.N. More human than Ai (eBook)

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