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3 Wheels Down

Why is this page called  Three Wheels Down? 

It's customary in the world of motorcyclists that when meeting another biker one stretches out the left hand with two fingers extended, meaning: keep two wheels on the road. 

I drive a three-wheeler, thus the name of this page - Three Wheels Down.

You will find short clips of my rides through the Swedish country side and its west coast, home of more islands than anywhere in the world. If you enjoy the same sense of adventure and freedom that motorcyclists love, you may find my videos simply enjoyable to watch.

On some videos, when I reach my intended destination, or not, I might give a short talk about one of my books.

Some of the videos include trips with a local motorcycle club who also lead an annual ride of motorcyclists from the west coast of Sweden into Gothenburg, Sweden's 2nd largest city, where we make a stand against nuclear weapons under the banner of M.A.N. or Motorcyclists Against Nuclear Weapons, which is part of the initiative called B.A.N. or Ban All Nukes.






​B.A.N. is an official partner of ICANThe International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. B.AN. is also a member of the Swedish UN Association, and supports the United Nations agenda to abolish nuclear weapons.

Every year, a group of motorcyclists in Sweden drive into its 2nd largest city, Gothenburg, to one of its most popular public squares where we make a stand against nuclear weapons. Read more about M.A.N. and B.A.N. at:

Visit our Facebook page and go to Events for details on our upcoming ride.

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