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I write in several genres, but mostly in speculative fiction and geopolitical thrillers - although I have several books in other categories too.

My focus has always been on writing very contemporary novels, which, while entertaining, pull no punches on the state of the world we live in, or the potential futures facing us, thus, the speculative fiction aspect of my works.

Several of my thriller books have portrayed the world as it is, or in the near future, with the consequential fallout of dictatorial regimes rising to power, such as in Russia, North Korea and China, and the crises we will all face if we do not remove their power to use nuclear weapons against us, or at the very least, to wage war against the free world with the threat of those weapons as their ace card.

I try, in all my stories, to espouse a way through and out of that dark place, where the good guys win; and while being a consummate optimist, I am also a realist, and I know, having lived through many wars and such, that the road ahead of us is only going to get worse, unless we make it better - and that's my goal in writing my books - to inspire a better future for all.

In my bookstore you can directly order my books in eBook formats - meaning, ePublications or digital books which you download to your computer, smartphone or other device and start reading. ePub is the most popular format of eBooks next only to Kindle.

You will also find my books in audio book format - MP3 files which you can instantly download to your computer, smartphone or other device and start listening to. Note: Audio books are still being added as we speak!


Coming Soon!
Conversations with an Alien

Conversations with an Alien book cover mock up.png

The awaited sequel to Woman EX, Conversations with an Alien takes us 23 years into the future, when Tanner McNeal and his team, the first humans to ever set foot on Jupiter's moon, Europa, are back on Earth and are contacted by Uni, an alien from the distant stars, someone who wants to see the human race survive its next apocalypse. 

Releasing June 2024.


When Cowboys Fall

An inspired story about the cowboy in all of us!



Inspired by actual events.

It wasn't meant to be a near-death experience - it was meant as a get-away, a chance to make sense of his life, but the Universe had other plans for him. Trent McCallister, a born and raised cowboy from Western Canada, finds himself cast on a road of self-discovery, trying to reconcile his forgotten dreams, and contending with a woman who suddenly changes everything in his life. When Cowboys Fall is an inspirational journey of rediscovery, love and following one's dreams. A story about the cowboy in all of us.

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The 9th Divinity
A global thriller about now!


"This is a remarkable exploration into the ‘what if’ of global power structures. Laplaine takes a deep dive into the complexities of the mind, and how it relates to the concept of totalitarian regimes. It’s a brutal examination of a possible future if the world doesn’t wake up to the dangers posed by the likes of North Korea and Russia."

- Novelist, David Luddington

"I thought this book was super. Well written with a tight plot. Oh that something like this could really happen and help the insanity that is in the world today."

- Elaine Friedhaber

Opening The 9th Divinity is thought-changing and mindset-shifting. It's takes you to a different level though. It's emotionally rich, raw and so real as the characters dive deeper into the sad state of our world. As I read, and I do love a thrilling, suspenseful novel, I keep finding moments and details I can understand, as we are living it today... Hopefully we can learn from some of the paths this book travels and that war is not the answer.

- April B.

From a master of suspense, an activist for human rights and against nuclear weapons, comes a disturbingly believable story of people who are ready to risk their lives—and AI is of a great help for it—to save the humankind from governing sociopaths and criminals. 

- Marina Osipova, author

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