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Before launching a writing career I worked in management and as a recruiter. I'm a Trekkie, highly inspired by the moon landing of 1969 and I agree with Elon Musk that it's time for us to become a multi-world race and step out of the "one world" existence. I was flying planes when I was 16. I hitchhiked across Canada to the Yukon and Alaska and back when I was 18. And I've had plenty of adventures along the way to inspire a lifetime of writing. I've always been a crusader for human rights and justice, moreover, and more deeply, I believe that we are far more than just meat and bones; that our existence is not defined by or limited to seven or eight decades before we become a pile of ash. 

Thematically, my books, while being thrillers in geopolitical and crime genres, as well as several uniquely inspiring stories, espouse the need to abolish nuclear weapons in the world and to resort to our fundamental and inherent qualities as people; our ability to communicate, to understand and tolerate one another, and the greatest weapon in our arsenal - love.

I am a member of the United Nations  and I have launched an initiative called B.A.N. or Ban All Nukes - which you can see HERE.

Other themes of my books include exposing sex trafficking, particularly of children, and dealing with the imminent crisis of global warming if not addressed.

In secondary school I couldn't figure out grammar to save my life. Today, I'm a hopeless torrent of verse. I hope you enjoy the cruise and my books.

Réal Laplaine

Author of Break Out Books

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