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Conspiracy Theory and the culture of silence

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

What would you do if you overheard people planning a terrorist attack on your nation?

Who would you report it to?

How would you prove it?

The 9/11 incident in 2001 teaches us that any story can be played out, and given enough authoritative muscle, people will buy it.

And yet, ample evidence has since come forward from unbiased engineers and investigators around the globe, showing that the Twin Towers were not brought down by the two planes striking them, whereas actual evidence shows explosives going off at various places down the towers, causing them to collapse in their footprint. Investigators have shown that Thermite, which burns through steel girders, was present and used to cut through the very stanchions holding up those buildings.

Conspiracy Theory is a powerful tool to nullify and silence the voice of truth, and those in positions of power, since 2001, and before, have used that mantra to shoot down any other statement than the one that serves their purposes.

About the book:

Some sources say that upwards of 10% of the population have had at least one out-of-body-experience in their lifetime, the sensation of actually floating above the body at whatever distance. Troy Evans had his first out-of-body-experience at a young age when he fell from a tree and nearly cracked his skull, where he found himself hovering above first-responders and medical personnel trying to save his life. As the years went on, he experienced more of them, minus the trauma of falling from trees. By his mid-twenties, now an established graphics designer in Minneapolis, Troy occasionally hones his skills in secret. No one knows that he can leave his body at will and return to it, and over the years, he's learned to differentiate sensations and things he sees. One night, quite inexplicably, while drifting to sleep, he casually hovers above his body and is suddenly drawn to a strange scene half a continent away in Baltimore, Maryland, to a room in a hotel where several men are clandestinely speaking about a domestic terrorist attack, one they are planning to launch against the nation. He sees their faces, but he doesn't know who they are.

Shocked by the experience, he reports the matter to Homeland Security, and within days, Federal agents storm his apartment and take him into custody; followed by a rapid trial where Troy finds himself labelled a terrorist and a danger to society and is placed in a maximum-security mental facility.

Troy tries to convince his therapist, who is assigned to treat him, that he is telling the truth and that he has been railroaded there to shut him up. He finally proves to her that what he is saying is the truth and that within a matter of days, the attack on the nation is going to happen. She helps him escape his prison, and together they run, attempting as they go to contact different authorities to get their help in stopping the debacle, but no one will listen, and those behind the plot are on their trail. As the clock ticks down, the question is, can they stop it and who will listen to two fugitives on the run, especially a man who claims to have witnessed the whole thing while experiencing an out-of-body. A fast-paced thriller with the colors of 9/11 painted on its canvas.

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