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Is human trafficking "over there"?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

When I have spoken at venues around Sweden, about my book, SEE ME NOT and the subject of human trafficking, it became clear to me that many people viewed human trafficking as something that was going on "over there" - meaning, in other countries, but not their own. In truth, human trafficking is happening around us EVERY day.

Young women, both here in Europe and elsewhere, are being trafficked by the thousands, lured and tricked into the sex industry, where, under pressure and extortion of threats to harm their own children or family back home, are forced to be sexual performers for the porn industry or in sex shops or brothels.

About the book:

Eight-year-old, Hann'Sha, an innocent, bright-eyed girl full of hope and life, living in a small hut with her family in Calcutta, India, is suddenly sold into sexual slavery by a father so desperate to feed his family that he offers his daughter to human traffickers. For several years she is forced to live a nightmarish life of sexual servitude to men many times her age. One day, an American tourist visiting Calcutta, discovers Hann’Sha, and learns that she is but one of thousands held captive by a criminal underground. Against all odds, corrupt police who turn an eye, lethal traffickers, and Hann’Sha’s terror of her keepers, he fights to free her - but can he beat "the system" or is he fighting a losing battle? This is a story about one man’s courage and a young girl’s undying hope, a story inspired by an actual six-year-old girl in Calcutta, and is entirely based on facts of what really happens to young children, like Hann'Sha. It is a literary fiction intended to shed light on human trafficking, modern day slavery that exists everywhere and is considered one of the most profitable illicit industries of our “civilized world”.

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