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What is the value of books?

Since the advent of eBooks (ePub, Kindle, etc.) and independent publishing platforms, book promoters and major book sellers have encouraged and/or enabled authors to either sell their books for next to nothing ($00.99) or give them away for free based on the premise that by doing so they would gain more readership.

Statistically speaking, it isn't a workable platform for most authors, and certainly not fair exchange when you consider that the average author spends six months to a year, or more, writing a book. No other profession in the world gives away their hard-won work for the cost of a cheap hamburger or for free.

I'm not judging authors who give away free books or offer them for $00.99 - I am simply advocating that authors deserve a lot better for their hard work and inspiration.

My books are reasonably priced at the minimum threshold I consider acceptable, moreover, for the value I provide my readers.

- Réal Laplaine Author of Existential Fiction at

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