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I am a multi-genre author, writing in geopolitical and crime thrillers, speculative fiction and inspiring literary fiction novels.

My themes are contemporary and while entertaining (according to my readers), also help to raise awareness on social and societal issues facing us all.

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Abolishing nuclear weapons

In 2014 I published a book, Twilight Visitor, a geopolitical thriller about China invading Iran for its oil, wherein Iran retaliates by firing a nuclear warhead at Beijing. The book has garnered tremendous reviews, comparing it to the best of Dan Brown and other similar authors, but what is important is that the story impresses on the reader that nuclear war is just a button away. In several of my subsequent geopolitical thrillers this thread also weaves through the stories, to help raise awareness on this existential threat to the future of our kids.

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The 9th Divinity


Of course, fighting the Russian machinery of war, that is, going head on with Putin's kill squads in Ukraine, bullet for bullet, man-to-man, is one way to stop the madman, but that's old-school, involves trillions of dollars of tax payer money, is a very protracted campaign and most importantly, results in a lot of spilled blood and destruction. Today's technology, however, opens the door to an entirely different approach. IT specialists, or hackers, could infiltrate Vladimir Putin's cache of money, both personally (which amounts to billions today) and the accounts which finance his war.

No rubles - no war.

This approach, and more, is detailed in my geopolitical thriller - The 9th Divinity - Book IV in the Keeno Crime Thrillers.

You will believe it is possible and you will ask yourself, why isn't this approach being done?

Questions and answers await you in this thriller which will challenge your reality.

"This is a remarkable exploration into the ‘what if’ of global power structures. Laplaine takes a deep dive into the complexities of the mind, and how it relates to the concept of totalitarian regimes. It’s a brutal examination of a possible future if the world doesn’t wake up to the dangers posed by the likes of North Korea and Russia."

- Novelist, David Luddington

"I thought this book was super. Well written with a tight plot. Oh that something like this could really happen and help the insanity that is in the world today."

- Elaine Friedhaber

Opening The 9th Divinity is thought-changing and mindset-shifting. It's takes you to a different level though. It's emotionally rich, raw and so real as the characters dive deeper into the sad state of our world. As I read, and I do love a thrilling, suspenseful novel, I keep finding moments and details I can understand, as we are living it today... Hopefully we can learn from some of the paths this book travels and that war is not the answer.

- April B.

From a master of suspense, an activist for human rights and against nuclear weapons, comes a disturbingly believable story of people who are ready to risk their lives—and AI is of a great help for it—to save the humankind from governing sociopaths and criminals. 

- Marina Osipova, author

When Cowboys Fall
An inspired story about finding redemption.



Take a journey through one man's eyes. At some point in our lives, we may face the midlife crisis - that threshold where the road ahead is shorter than the one we have travelled so far, and where we wonder about how we can make the most of the time we have left. When Cowboys Fall is inspired by real people, a story about a man who is trying to reconcile his midlife crisis, and who experiences a near-death episode only to be saved by a woman who fishes him out of the sea. The story follows Trent McCallister and the woman, Andi, who changes his life. The book is dedicated to the Palestinian people, as one part of the adventure which Trent and Andi find themselves engaged in, is saving people fleeing from the Gaza as Israeli forces bomb the region.

Coming Soon!

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