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What is B.A.N.

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B.A.N. or Ban All Nukes (nuclear weapons) is a non-profit and humanitarian initiative launched in 2022 when it became apparent that dictatorial regimes such as Russia and North Korea, were prepared to use their nuclear arsenals against others. 

The mission of B.A.N. is to abolish nuclear weapons.

B.A.N. is an official partner of ICAN – The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.





B.AN. is also a member of the Swedish UN Association, and supports the United Nations agenda to abolish nuclear weapons, as well as Svenska Fred or Swedish Peace, a long-time organization dedicated to ridding the world of nuclear weapons. It also supports Swedish Doctors Against Nuclear Weapons.

In 2022 B.A.N. launched another initiative called Motorcyclists Against Nukes or M.A.N. and organized a ride of motorcyclists into Gothenburg center, Sweden's second largest city, where they distributed leaflets and were well-received by interested public and media. See Article.

This initiative, under the banner of B.A.N. continues to this day with motorcyclists making a stand against nuclear weapons.

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Join the ride!
Motorcyclists Against Nuclear Weapons

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Saturday, June 15, motorcyclists meet at Vikingarillen, Kungälv at 10:00 a.m. and we ride to Götaplatsen, Göteborg to assemble there between 11 - 12 noon. The ride will be led by the motorcycle club, the Misfit Souls


M.A.N. or Motorcyclists Against Nukes is sponsored by B.A.N. or Ban All Nukes, a non-profit initiative to help abolish nuclear weapons in the world. If you disagree that dictators like Vladimir Putin should have the power to threaten world peace with nuclear weapons, then join the ride and show your support. All you need to do is show up – that’s it!

B.A.N. is a member of the Swedish United Nations Membership Association and is partnered with ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons.

See event details at EVENT

For more information about B.A.N. go to: or visit us on Facebook at:

PS: To get a B.A.N. or M.A.N. t-shirt ahead of time please contact us at:

Show your spirit!


We don't ask for donations. 

We invite you to add your voice and support to the message to abolish nuclear weapons. 

Visit our official B.A.N. website at:

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