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Publication date: January 3, 2014
Type: eBook
Language: English
Genre: Action thriller, Inspiring
Print length: 291 pages


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Heralded as a story that should be part of school curriculums, with its inspiring message of hope, we follow 71-year-old John Ross, the oldest homeless man in Buffalo, New York; whom the locals call the Buffalo Kid. The Kid has been destitute for 31 years, enduring Buffalo's brutal winters, living in a cardboard box, and yet, never relinquishing his hope for a 2nd chance in life. This heart-warming story, inspired by real people, will touch your heart, because the Buffalo Kid could be anyone; your uncle, a friend, an associate - or, your father.

“The Buffalo Kid,” is tremendous.”


“One of our regulars was so taken with The Buffalo Kid, that she (her name was Audre Bunis) purchased copies and encouraged her entire family to read it... her family owned the Sample Shop, a store you may remember from your buffalo days. Gracious and kind in every way. Your book resonated deeply with her, in a way no other book did."

- Curator of the Burchfield Penny Art Center Buffalo New York

"Amazing take on modern human dilemmas."
- Marina Osipova, author of The Cruel Romance

"Compelling and surprising. A must read."
- Cynthia De Boer, author of Me, Myself and Eye

“It was impossible to stop reading once I picked it up…”

"You'll want to reread this one after finishing it. Yes, it is that good."
- Vermont Reviewer

"This book opens your heart and your mind. Loved it."
- Erin R

"I simply couldn’t put it down."
- Tommy Ray

This surprising story of a human experiment is a thrilling masterpiece offering hope for us all!

The Buffalo Kid: Everyone deserves a second chance (eBook)

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