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Can Ai stop dictators and war?

Ai or Artificial Intelligence, which essentially amounts to machines/computers demonstrating their own intelligence without human involvement, has reached a level in contemporary society where Ai can drive cars, fly planes, operate machinery and even execute complex life-saving surgeries.

Current advances in Ai have also opened the door to an entirely different form of warfare, where drones not only provide reconnaissance, but effective attacks too.

The question, which no doubt, developers and investors in Ai tech have posed, or played with, is just how far can Ai be used, ethically and legally.

When it comes to dictators, such as Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un (North Korea), men who use human beings as cannon fodder, but who ultimately have the ability and compulsion to use their nuclear arsenal against the world, should Ai be engaged to stop them well before the fact of war?

How does one measure the level of madness of men who happily send thousands of people to die in senseless wars, fighting and killing for no other reason than to aggrandize their own power? Do we trust that they have sufficient moral compass to draw the line when it comes to using nuclear weapons? It’s hardly reasonable to assume that Vladimir Putin, pressed to the wall and losing his battle in Ukraine, will not resort to using his nuclear arsenal as his final ace card? He has over 7,000 nuclear weapons at his disposal, more than any nation in the world – and cornered by the international community, why wouldn’t he?

Madmen, like him and Kim Jong-un, dictators who are so narcissistic and ego-driven, that the deaths of thousands, or millions, means nothing compared to their own self-centered survival.

Naturally, war is an industry today, putting trillions of dollars into the pockets of private military contractors, investors, financial institutions and even politicians who benefit from its continuance – but that is a discussion for another time.

I propose that the likes of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, can be effectively nullified using Ai. Imagine this scenario: an advanced computer algorithm that can penetrate any digital security walls, capable of neutralizing nuclear launch sites, penetrating the digital vaults where Putin and Kim Jong-un have placed the billions they have stashed away, and moreover, emptying the military accounts so that the machinery of war in Russia and North Korea are brought to stop?

What if that Ai, working in tandem with a crime-fighting team, opened a corridor to get to Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, an opportunity to bring two of the world’s most nefarious criminals to the stand trial in The Hague as war criminals?

Is it possible that an Ai could accomplish the above without the necessity of sending thousands of young men and women to die in brutal war, or worse, putting the human race on notice if the nukes start flying?

The 9th Divinity, the 4th book in the Keeno Crime Thriller series, while an exciting and thrilling read, poses to you, the reader, and the world at large, that maybe the days of conventional warfare are over, and with Ai, we have the means of bringing dictators, such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, to their knees before they can bring about catastrophe and without the need of wars. It’s a contentious proposition, one which old-school military boys and those invested in the industry of war will vehemently oppose, because if a single Ai can accomplish the above without all the machinery of war, who profits from that?

“Terrifyingly well written and so realistic! From a master of suspense, an activist for human rights and against nuclear weapons, comes a disturbingly believable story of people who are ready to risk their lives—and AI is of a great help for it—to save the humankind from governing sociopaths and criminals. Though fiction, it is not.” – Marina Osipova, author

Réal Laplaine


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