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The Canadian Cowboy culture

My newest book, When Cowboys Fall, is inspired by the cowboy culture, both in America and Canada, and to some extent, the television series, Yellowstone.

Let's take a brief gander at Canada's cowboy culture - is it the same as the one we see portrayed by Hollywood?

The cowboy culture in Canada was born sometime around the 1870's when beef cattle were brought up from Montana and elsewhere in the States, and cattle ranching was launched on the wide-open plains east of the Rocky Mountains - vast sections of the province of Alberta.

Cowboys were hired on to herd the cattle, brand them and such, and that was the matrix of its beginning in Canada.

Today, roughly 80,000 people are still involved in ranching - that is, raising and selling beef cattle.

The Calgary Stampede, Canada's largest and most popular rodeo, put on the map in 1923, draws about a million people every year to see cowboys and cowgirls demonstrating incredible riding and roping skills.

In short, the wide open plains of western Canada, became the matrix for the cowboy culture, which continues to this day.

My book, When Cowboys Fall, follows a born and raised cowboy from this region of Canada, as he searches for reconciliation in his life and where he meets a woman who changes everything.

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Canadian author of Breakout Books, Réal Laplaine, a matrix of Canada's Indigenous First Nation, French and Spanish, has published fifteen novels. Besides his most recent novel, When Cowboys Fall, he also pens a Canadian crime thriller series, The Keeno Crime Thrillers - now into its fifth and upcoming book in this series.

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