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What if aliens rejected us?

While Hollywood and conventional mediocrity tend to depict "aliens" from other worlds as the "bad guys" - what if it was the reverse?

What if alien visitations to our world (of which there are countless documentations of such which even the U.S. military establishment cannot conceal) resulted in them returning to their home worlds and declaring, "Nope, no way, we don't want to get near those guys?"

In my book Earth Escape, a space odyssey where captain Jim Tale and his crew of the Evolution, are sent on a 29-year mission to reach a nearby exo-planet and colonize it before Earth, now facing the likelihood of nuclear war, is on the precipice of an existential event, shockingly encounters the unexpected.

Did you ever consider that the "aliens" might not want humanity colonizing a nearby planet? That possibly they don't view us as good neighbors; with our constant wars, racism, greed and suicidal rise of weapons of mass destruction?

Earth Escape presents a different perspective - one that defies the usual depiction and a story that takes the reader to the very edge of the Universe in this high-speed space odyssey.

Herb Baker, formerly with NASA, had this to say in his foreword to the book:

"Have you ever wondered how our universe was created? Was it the hand of God – or was it the Big Bang? Or even a combination of the two? Or is there another explanation? If you are interested in debates on that subject, this is the book for you. And for space nuts like me, examining those questions in the context of the most daring space mission ever attempted from Earth makes this book’s adventure one that I wish did not have an end."

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Réal Laplaine


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