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The Global Rift of 2026

Given the current dynamics in our contemporary geopolitical arena, with Russia segregated from the West due to its tyrannical aggression against Ukraine, and China and several other nations standing by Russia, we see new global dynamics forming, all of which were predicted in my book Earth Escape.

With current trends, by 2026, three major geopolitical camps will be evident, whether by these names or not, the ripples indicate;

The Triumvirate a political alliance of Russia, China, Chad, North Korea, Turkey, Syria and several other African nations, including Venezuela.

The Alliance, a political collaboration formed of the United States, Canada, much of Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Britain, the EU, Taiwan, Japan and other South Pacific nations.

The Republic of Islam, a league of Islamic-faith-based nations, who, without compromising their borders, start to unify as a singular entity of their own - who repel Western intervention and anything and anyone which compromises their faith.

While many will claim that the world could not possibly come to this juncture, the dynamics are already in play, and Earth Escape, an epic story to reach an exoplanet before nuclear war destroys us all, clearly shows, as far back as 2016 when it was published, that the global dynamics and trends are indeed heading in that very direction.

We can change it, but so far, we have not.

A quote from the intro to Earth Escape sums it up:

"Three global forces were now racing against inevitable time; the ticking-bomb of tensions between geopolitical powers, Mother Nature (global warming), and a new frontier, space exploration which suddenly opened up new vistas, including the opportunity to find a new home for mankind. The question is - which one wins?"

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