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What if Marilyn had a chance to tell us what really happened?

We've all heard the story... she apparently committed suicide, which makes a whole lot of sense when you consider she was only 36 years old and one of the most successful and celebrated women in the world at the time - so yeah of course, suicide is logical, or is it?

Apparently she was having a fling with JFK, apparently, and besides that, Hoover of FBI fame, had his claws into her life because he suspected her of having Communist ties, one of his favorite mantras - so maybe, just maybe, the whole "suicide" story is a myth.

After reading what Marlon Brando had to say about her death, and he knew her well, I decided to take license and give the iconic blond a chance to tell the world what really happened on that fateful night.

Stretch your imagination a bit, but otherwise, enjoy the magic of Marilyn as she returns from the grave with a mission in Dead but not Gone.

About Dead but not Gone:

What would Marilyn tell us if she came back from the grave today - sixty years after her death?

Would she agree with the popular version that she committed suicide at the age of 36, one of the most successful and celebrated women of her time? Or would she tell us another story, the one about the Hollywood icon who had her foot inside the White House, who was on Hoover's FBI watch list because of suspected communist ties - someone he considered a threat?

In Dead but not Gone, the author takes license and presents us with a chance to hear Marilyn's side of what happened on that fateful night.

When a solar flare intercepts a passing cosmic anomaly, a powerful flash sweeps across Los Angeles directly over the spot where Marilyn lies since 1962. Her crypt suddenly shakes and rattles, and what emerges is certainly not the skeletal remains of the iconic blonde, but rather, Marilyn, just as beautiful and whole as the day she died. When she realizes that the Universe has given her a second chance, she sets herself on a mission to tell the world what really happened to her and at the hands of whom - and therein begins a thriller with a romantic edge. Dead but not Gone is a tribute to Marilyn - giving her the voice she never had after her tragic passing and letting her grace the world with a little more of her magic.


"I loved the premise of this book, I found the pace good, I liked the story. I think my only drawback would be for a bit more detail, but overall, I really enjoyed the story and the possibility of "WHAT IF". No one really knows what did happen, I liked how the author gave some plausible possibilities, that could be true of what happened to her." Francis L.

“Finally, a book that gives a different look at Marilyn, and a happy ending that she rightly deserves!!!!!! The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was the science part of the book, it drugged on a little too long. But in all a Great Book!!!! Marilyn fans if only this was true.” DJ

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