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Who should take on the biggest criminals in the world?

If the Law of Attraction is accurate, that is, that like attracts to like, this image of Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Kim Jong-un (North Korea) says plenty.

Why would a Canadian crime fighter go after these two dictators?

Isn't that a bit above his pay-grade?

Isn't that the domain of governments and the military establishment?

Maybe not - maybe it's time for another approach considering that no government or military establishment in the world, to date, have stopped either of these dictators?

Let's review what constitutes a criminal?

Normally we think of them as being murderers, thieves, con-men, those engaged in illicit financial agendas, those engaged in human trafficking, on and on. If you take these two men alone, they are guilty of nearly every criminal category.

Both these men are responsible for the enslavement of people. Jong-un has virtually enslaved over 25,000,000 people, keeping them in a state of relative poverty and forced to do slave labor to enrichen his bank accounts and build a military.

Vladimir Putin not only launched a war against Ukraine, he has authored the systematic destruction of entire cities, killing countless thousands of people. He has also regressed Russia back towards its former state as the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) by closing its borders, enforcing strict media control, using terror-tactics and a police-state-operation to keep the populace in line and marching to the beat of his drum.

Both men have accrued MASSIVE personal accounts, money they extorted from others, stole or simply commandeered. Putin is reported to have over 200 billion dollars stashed away.

Putin has forced young Russians to go to war against Ukraine under threat. Kim Jong-un, as covered above, uses the populace like slaves, bleeding them for every nickel he can get. He also engages a program, The Dollar Men, where North Korean men are forced to go overseas and work, largely in construction, and send 99% of their earnings back to Jong-un's accounts under threat that if they do not do so, the consequences to their families in North Korea will be dire.

And of course, last but not the least - both possess a nuclear arsenal which they have threatened to use against the world - making them not only criminal, but quite insane.

Open a page of any criminal law book, point your finger, and you will find relevance to these two sociopaths.

Just because allies to Ukraine are sending shiploads of weaponry to help them fight the Russian invasion, a proxy war at this stage, does not mean it is the most effective way of stopping Putin, and ultimately, Kim Jong-un before he launches his military toward South Korea, which he intends to do as certain as the sun rises.

Call it fiction, if you will, but I prefer speculative fiction - the idea that it could be true or it could actually happen, when the head of Canada's Anti Terrorism Unit, finds himself and his team on an irrevocable path, a chance to squeeze through the cracks of the Kremlin itself and if they don't get killed along the way, penetrate Putin's security defenses and take him alive, to stand trial at The Hague, the International Criminal Courts, as a war criminal.

Think it's impossible?

If we can send space probes that reach a spec of sand, billions of miles away, certainly we can send a team to take Putin, and even Kim Jong-un, without all the war, the death, the cost.

The concept defies those who benefit from the conflict, because make no mistake about it, the private military establishment is making billions of dollars fueling the Ukraine war with weapons and they are not interested in a small handful of people ending it all.

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